Online CNA Certification Information


The nursing profession has grown in leaps and bounds over the past years. A wide variety of designations have been developed within the profession, forming a kind of hierarchy. At the very start, where budding nurses kick off their careers is the nursing assistant. For this, you need to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and you have to get a CNA certification. A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a very important person in healthcare. Under the supervision of a nurse, they perform routine yet very important daily tasks for patients. Since they are in such close contact with patients, they have the best firsthand information which they share with nurses for follow up on the condition of the patients. They are the ones who form the closest bond with patients and they are crucial for their recovery process.

What qualities should you have as a CNA?

Being a CNA is a very good stepping stone if you want to go into the nursing profession. You can further your career with more experience. Before you go on to attain the CNA certification, do some self-examination and try to figure out whether you are really cut out for nursing and especially whether being a CNA suits you. Since being a CNA involves doing routine tasks like feeding, dressing and bathing patients, you really need to be humble and selfless. Some of these duties are not for the feint hearted, especially the ones involving taking care of the really sick patients. You really need to be genuinely caring and considerate. Also you need to be tough. This job entails blood, needles and other unpleasant things. If you faint at the sight of blood, then getting a CNA certification might not be the right pathway for you.

What are the responsibilities of a CNA?

Some of the routine tasks performed include feeding, dressing, taking vital signs, bathing and documentation work. They report to the more senior nurses as they are the ones who take care of the patients on a daily basis and they are the ones who spend the most time with them. They are the ones who eventually make friends with the patients and they even help patients in leisure activities like taking walks. Ultimately, besides taking care of the medical aspect of recovery, CNAs strive to make the patient’s stay in hospital as easy as possible. This requires much more than the skills acquired during CNA certification.

Which agencies in the US provide CNA certification?

Within the United States the governing body that regulates the education of nurses and does accreditation is the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). This body, which is independent, is recognized by the US Department of Education and its mandate is to accredit all nursing programs in colleges including CNA certification. All you have to do now is to check the CCNE accredited programs, which can be both online or at a traditional university and do the required training. On successful completion, you get your CNA certification.

What is the CNA certification training program?

Training for CNA certification can be done both online or at a traditional brick and mortar campus. It is most advisable that you acquire this training from a reputed institution. This training essentially prepares you for the CNA certification exam, which has both a written portion and a practical portion.

The written exam consists of fifty multiple choice questions that test your knowledge about the techniques and skills required in the CNA’s line of work. A couple of questions that may be asked are:

• When you start your shift as a nursing assistant, what procedures should you take?

• How should you respond when you are giving a bath to a patient then you hear an alarm from another room?

The practical exam requires you to demonstrate important CNA skills off the top of your head.

On passing this examination you get your CNA certification.

Where to get the CNA certification training.

There are numerous places where you can get your training for CNA certification. All you need to do is to conduct a web search and find the best institutions available. You should ensure that you select institutions that are accredited, which offer the best quality and which are affordable for you. Another path is the online route where you can enroll in an online program. Similarly, you should ensure that the programs you choose are accredited. You should also talk to professionals in the field and ask them about the best pathways to take.

Is there demand for CNAs?

In the United State, demand for nurses far outstrips the supply. The numbers enrolling in colleges for nursing are very low and so the nurses currently working in the hospitals are overworked and have to take care of numerous patients at any one time. This also includes those with CNA certification. This means that the demand for nurses, including CNAs is very high and the job security is also very high. So once you get your CNA certification, you can get a job almost instantly. In addition, you can plan your career well due to the high job security and aspire to become a full nurse.

CNA certification: Much more than just a qualification

For some people the CNA certification is some kind of obligation. In reality, it is very important since with this certification, you have a voice in the profession. With the knowledge you have, you can contribute positively and even use it to your defense in the event of a conflict.

Why should you go for CNA certification?

This is a question you should ask even before you decide to go for the certification. There are many benefits of starting your career with a CNA certification. First is that with increasing demand for nurses, you will get a job instantly. Job security is an added bonus so you don’t have to worry about unemployment. Next is the satisfaction you get when you help people. You really feel good when you help other people and make a difference in their lives. This job makes you feel fulfilled and you get a completely new outlook on life. So if you feel that getting a CNA certification is the right path for you, go ahead and pursue it!

CNA Programs – Choosing The Right College


As time advances, more and more people are needed to sign up for nursing programs so as to qualify and become nurses in hospitals, schools and other institutions in need of their services. This includes CNA programs. CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant. At times, the nurses or CNAs are even considered more important than doctors since they are the ones who take care of the day to day recovery of patients. CNAs are even more vital since they perform routine tasks for the daily upkeep of patients. They report to the more senior nurses regarding patients’ conditions and progress. To be a CNA, you have to enroll for CNA programs and complete it to get your certification. Here is an outline of all you need to know about the qualities and certification for becoming a CNA.

The nature of a good CNA.

It is advisable to consider your strengths and weaknesses before making up your mind to pursue any profession. For nursing, it is even more vital since it is a job which deals with people’s lives. Before jumping to the decision of signing up for CNA programs take a good look at yourself and know whether a career as a CNA properly complements you. To be a good CNA, you have to be caring, gentle, compassionate and outgoing. You have to be a people person. You also have to be assuring and comforting especially when dealing with patients who have emotional and psychological issues in dealing with their condition. Once you realize that being a CNA is right for you, you have passed the first hurdle. You can then go on and register for CNA programs.

What tasks does a CNA do?

As earlier stated, the job a CNA does is of utmost importance. A CNA’s routine includes taking care of patients’ personal hygiene by giving baths, ensuring that the patients’ environment is clean, regularly checking vital signs, doing documentation work, helping out during medical procedures and also moving bed ridden patients around. Seeing this, it is right to imagine how much energy is needed for this job. You need to be physically strong for you to perform your tasks effectively. Being a CNA also goes beyond medical skills. Since CNAs spend the most time with patients, they also have to provide moral support as patients recover from their different ailments. With CNA programs, you learn all this.

Which CNA programs are accredited?

When getting training for any profession, it is imperative for you to verify the validity of any training program. It will be a waste of time and money if you would enroll in a course only to find out that the course provided by the given institution is not valid. For nursing programs, including CNA programs, it is the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) that accredits all training courses. What you should do is to log on to the CCNE website and search for CNA programs provided both online or on campus. Ensure that you get a program that is taught at an established institution with a good standing, even if you will go for an online program.

What is the CNA program schedule?

Your CNA programs will teach you all you need to know in your line of work as a CNA. Just to insist, make sure that the course you select is fully recognized and certified. When you will be done, you will be expected to sit a certification exam. This exam consists of two main parts, a theory segment and a practical segment. The theory part essentially involves bookwork and knowledge of the course content. It is made up of fifty multiple choice questions. For this part, make sure that you have studied and you have the required knowledge at your fingertips.

For the practical exam, you are required to demonstrate essential skills which are employed during a CNA’s line of duty. The skills tested are usually selected randomly so you should be able to apply the suitable knowledge off the top of your head. Once you have completed your CNA programs successfully, you become a CNA.

Where are CNA programs offered?

For your CNA programs, you can opt for two paths, either the online path or the on campus option. It all depends on your present situation. Some factors that might influence your decision are funding, desired date of completion and the quality of education. If you will be funding your own education, then you will most likely be working. In this situation, an online option is most suitable since you are given the flexibility of working while studying. Also you might want to have a lot of consultations with professors and fellow students. In that case, a traditional classroom setting is better. So study your condition and choose which option complements you best and go for it.

How assured are you of a job once you have graduated?

Once your CNA programs are complete, are you really guaranteed to get employment? With hospitals and other health care institutions in greater need for health care professionals, including CNAs, the demand for these people is growing exponentially. The current crop of nurses and doctors is getting increasingly overworked and more people are thus encouraged to sign up for training (this also includes CNA programs). The jobs are there and all you need to do is to get certified and the job is yours. Once you get your job, you can then add more accolades and move up in your career so that you can have a greater impact in the profession and the population as a whole.

Do you have to learn the trade by attending CNA programs?

You can decide to learn through experience but going for CNA programs has far more advantages. You learn the necessary skills quicker and you are seen more as an expert. You can also express yourself better and you can articulate the medical vocabulary better for both fellow professionals and ordinary people.

Why should you take CNA programs?

Together with the high possibility of career advancement and growth, you get a lot of personal fulfillment. This is exactly what anyone wants when starting a career. You affect the lives of people positively. There are also the tough moments which in turn make you stronger as a person, so why don’t you proceed and enroll for CNA programs?

CNA Classes – Which Ones To Take?


The nursing profession is growing increasingly important in today’s world. Nurses are the people who are closest to the patients and they are the ones who look into the day to day recovery of patients. The entry level into this profession involves becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). The CNA is usually supervised by a nurse and their main job is to offer assistance and companionship to patients so that their recovery process is as smooth as possible. They also have knowledge of patients’ day to day conditions which they usually share with their supervising nurses. For someone to become a CNA they have to undergo some training and they have to attend CNA classes so that they acquire the necessary skills neededto take care of even the sickest of patients.

Before you enroll for CNA classes, consider the following:

You might be rushing into deciding to register for CNA classes but what you should do is the opposite. Take some time and do some soul searching. Examine yourself and ask yourself questions. The most important thing is for you to know whether you are making the right decision in signing up for CNA classes. It would be unfortunate if you signed up only to find out eventually that you were not cut out for the job. A CNA’s line of work involves tasks which are not really appealing. Some of these duties are bathing, feeding and dressing patients. For you to be able to do this work well, you really need to be patient and empathetic. If you cannot imagine yourself doing these tasks, then it is best both for you and for future patients if you do not take the CNA classes.

What will be your responsibilities as a CNA?

Once you are done with your CNA classes, the routine tasks you will perform include assisting with the patients’ personal hygiene, regularly checking vital signs, documentation work like completing reports and regular necessary tasks like feeding the patients. However, it goes beyond this as CNAs eventually become the closest friends to the patients and they form a very personal bond with them. They are the patient’s primary care givers and they also provide the non-medical aspect of recovery, which is very important. This requires soft skills which are not taught in CNA classes, it is all a matter of personality and how caring you are.

What about CNA class accreditation?

A very important matter to think about before enrolling for CNA classes is whether the classes are offered by an accredited institution. CNA classes can either be held online or on campus. In the United States the organization responsible for accrediting nursing training programs is the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Before signing up for any CNA classes, check the CCNE website for all the approved institutions offering CNA training. Depending on what situation you are in, you can decide what course to take from there. You can decide to study on campus or take a more affordable online class.

What is the teaching schedule for CNA classes?

Once again, it is most advisable to take CNA classes from an accredited and approved school. At the end of your CNA training, you are required to do an exam which has both a written segment and a practical segment.

When you are doing the written exam, you are required to answer fifty multiple choice questions. These questions require you to apply your knowledge of various skills needed in various situations during a CNA’s line of duty. Here are some examples of what might be asked:

• What do you do when a patient has a fit of rage in a public area?

• How should you help a patient who is depressed after receiving painful personal information such as the death of a spouse?
The practical examination tests your practical skills and techniques, which should be very familiar to you. On passing your examinations you become certified and you can start working.

Where do you get your CNA classes?

There is a lot of information online that addresses this matter. Conduct an online search of accredited institutions offering CNA classes. Look for classes based on location and affordability so that you get your training close to where you live and at the best possible price. Quality is also a very vital consideration. Ensure that you get education which is of a high value so that you can apply it in the workplace.

Another more affordable alternative is the online option. Similarly, conduct a search and ensure you find accredited online programs. This is also more flexible as you can be working as you take your online CNA classes.

Are CNA classes worthwhile?

In the US, there is a very high demand for nurses and the patient to nurse ratio is worsening by the day, with fewer nurses graduating and working. This therefore means that hospitals and other healthcare facilities are in need of these nurses. This also includes CNAs. Once you complete your CNA classes, as long as you have passed your CNA exams, you are ensured of employment. You can even plan to advance your career and attain higher nursing qualifications so that you can advance the profession.

Are you obligated to take CNA classes?

At times during your training, you might think that all the classes you are attending do not add any value. You might also think that all the classes and exams are a form of cruel and unusual punishment imposed on you by the system and that you can learn everything through experience.

It is important to note the importance of formal education. With the knowledge you get, you have a firm foundation on which you make informed decisions while working. In addition, your fellow professionals will take you into higher regard since you have the knowledge which is important.

Why you should complete your CNA classes.

As indicated above, being a CNA has a very high rating in terms of job availability and job security. Also, you get a very high level of self-satisfaction by being a CNA. Changing lives of others also has a positive effect on you. So go ahead and take some CNA classes!

CNA Courses – Everything You Want To Know


Since its inception, the nursing profession has evolved into a diverse occupation. Nurses have found so many opportunities both within the traditional workplaces like hospitals to more unorthodox settings like schools and pharmaceutical companies. The stepping stone into nursing is usually the Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA. As the name suggests, the CNA does the job of assisting the nurses, who are usually their supervisors with routine tasks that have to be done when caring for the sick. They are the people who see patients on a daily and even hourly basis to ensure continuous progress in recovery. To become certified as a CNA, you have to attend some CNA courses. Here is a breakdown of what you need to know about becoming a CNA. Take a look and get informed. CNAs are growing increasingly important and they are just as important as doctors in the recovery process of patients.

Characteristics of a good CNA

Before going on to sign up for CNA courses, consider whether you are right for the job.Being a CNA is no easy task. A CNA’s day usually involves very many tasks most of which are not really appealing. CNA’s do the day to day routine duties such as taking care of patient’s personal hygiene and feeding patients among others. A CNA’s job, as with any other job in the medical field requires a high level of professionalism, compassion and empathy. You also need to be a very strong person to withstand emotional turmoil such as when a patient dies. It is usually not all rosy in the medical field.

Duties of a CNA

As indicated above, CNAs are very important in the medical field. CNA courses teach you the day to day responsibilities of a CNA. These include taking care of patient’s personal hygiene, feeding patientsensuring that patient’s rooms are clean, regularly taking patient’s vital signs, setting up medical equipment, observing patient’s condition and assisting in certain medical procedures. With CNA courses, you also learn important soft skills where you learn how to interact with patients in various situations. From this you can see that being a CNA goes beyond taking care of patients medically. CNAs are usually the patient’s friends in the hospital and they seek to make the recovery process as smooth as possible in all aspects.

Which CNA courses are accredited?

Before you enroll for CNA courses, it is best to do background checks and ensure that you sign up for certified and approved CNA training programs. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) is the governing body in the United States that accredits all nursing training courses in colleges. This body is recognized by the United Stated Department of Education. All you have to do is to log on to the CCNE website and search for CNA courses in various institutions which have been certified. You can search for both online courses or classroom based courses. For online CNA courses, make sure that you get one which is offered by a reputed institution of education as there are many scams on the internet whose intention is to steal money from you.

The CNA course schedule

CNA courses typically involve taking classes which teach you both the theory and practice of being a nursing assistant. Once again, it is very important for you to do your CNA courses from a certified school to ensure that you become recognized by the nursing profession. Once you complete your course, you are expected to sit an exam. This exam has both a written part and a practical, demonstrative part. The written exam involves fifty multiple choice questions which ask about any possible occurrences that can take place in the CNA’s line of duty. An example of this is how a CNA should react when an alarm is sounded. On the other hand, the practical exam requires you to demonstrate certain important skills which are employed in certain situations as a CNA is working.

Where are these CNA courses provided?

CNA courses are provided by numerous institutions. What is vital is that you look for the certified programs. You can decide to take two routes. The online course or the more traditional campus based course. It all depends on your situation. You may need to be working to finance your education and if this is the case then on online course may be most ideal for you. You may also want to finish your CNA courses soonest possible and take full time classes in a classroom. The situations are diverse for different people and you should have a plan that best fits you. Additionally, you should also be outgoing and consult professionals in the field and ask them for advice on the best actions to take.

Are you guaranteed a job once you complete your CNA courses?

The answer to this is yes. In the United States, nurses are getting increasingly overworked and there is a dire need for more nurses in hospitals and other health care institutions. What is making the situation worse is the low number of people enrolling for training, including CNA courses. Due to this situation, the demand for nurses, including CNAs is very high and once you complete your CNA courses and pass your exams, you are guaranteed a job. Also, because of this, you are able to progress your career and gain additional qualifications, moving you up the ladder so that you can have a more influential role.

Are CNA courses a must?

Once again, the answer to this is yes. You might gain the necessary knowledge through experience and apprenticeship but there is something more that you get by completing CNA courses. There is a certain level of self-confidence you get when you acquire your education formally through certification. You have a basis for making sound decisions in your line of work and you are able to defend yourself during conflicts.

What are the advantages of being a CNA?

There are the obvious ones like good job security and job placements. There are also some intangible benefits like a very high level of self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment which are imperative in any profession. You eventually end up being very happy because you have impacted lives in a positive manner. So why don’t you go ahead and take CNA courses?

CNA Schools – How To Choose The Right One?


It may be a single unit, but the healthcare sector is a huge entity that covers numerous positions in which people build their careers in respect to health services. CNA schools are know to be a good starting point for those who wish to be part of a career that touches and betters people’s health – nursing. Just like doctors and surgeons, lab technicians, and others, nurses also play a very vital role in successfully running and function of any health institution. This is one thing that students training to be come nurses and some day doctors or surgeons get to discover in due course.

CNA schools offer nursing courses where those desiring to join this line of practice discover that there are several career options and one is needed to major in one or more to curve a niche for them in this medical profession, but with the overall objective being that of offering quality health care services to all. These schools are an ideal place to discover what the nursing profession is; it helps as this and many other questions that those who desire to be nurses might ask.

What Is Nursing

Understanding the nursing profession is where you will start when your join CNA schools. What is nursing? This question is never a miss in the minds of many who seek to join the medical profession. When taking classes on nursing, one quickly discovered that nursing is a profession that covers vast aspects of health and medical care ensuring that people attain and maintain or recover their health. It may have a wide area to focus on and build a career upon but it comprises the principle of offering quality patient care under the professional practices as physicians.

What are the careers options in nursing?

Nursing is a wide career than most people think and to make it into this profession does at times prove to be a challenge. However, with the demand for health worker always on an upward trend, the need for nurses is always there; thus, the medical profession offers a way of ensuring that there are enough nurses. This is through taking a short but very comprehensive nursing training course to see one qualify as a certified nurse assistant. There are a number of institutions that are recognized and accredited to be good CNA schools.

Taking a nursing training course steps you up to have a rewarding medical career as a nurse in either the public or private health institutions. A number of people also take the course as a starting point through which they will later use a stepping stone to becoming doctors or surgeons. Others will cover the training in the schools and will settle to have a career as occupational healthcare nurses of homecare institutions. The highest levels of this profession is where one is a nurse who has a representative role of acting in the absence of and on behalf of a doctor but covering mostly the basic aspects of a doctor’s responsibilities such as the administration and prescription of drugs.

The Importance of a Nurse

As is with many other medical practitioners, a nurse is expected and is dutifully bound by the profession to be on the ready to answer to all emergencies that may arise within the medical field and healthcare. The CNA schools train the students on how to independently evaluate and arbitrarily check on the medical health status of patients. This is to being taught a rounded methodology that determines the needs of the patients. These are important to ensure that the nurses are on the standby to monitor and answer to emergencies for the stabilizing of patients before the doctors or surgeons step in to do the rest. A nurse will keep record of all incoming patients to ensure they are all attended to, and the nurse will also be doing rounds to ensure every other patient that needs attention gets it.

On The Call of Duty

Medical practitioners do all they can to ensure that even that patients on the brink of death who is past any medical solution still get the best healthcare there is to alleviate suffering. This is a major aspect of practicing medical care, that including nursing, that stands out puts all practitioners bound to all responds to their call of duty. That call also transcends even to the point of death ensuring patients passes on peacefully. Hence, it is in the CNA schools that students training to be nurses learn that they are expected to offer the best quality healthcare to all, be they disable, dying, or recovering. For these, the schools offer training courses that arm the students to become nurses who will have sound judgment in administering medical care to protect, better, and promote the best of health whilst deterring ails and easing suffering for patients under their care.

Care through Education

Think of being educated so that you also educate others. That is a concept in healthcare that all practitioners have embraced. Those in CNA schools will learn and the everyday inner workings of being a nurse in relation to offering health care and will in turn be expected to offer or educated patients about how to take good care of their own health. The nurses are thought on educating or informing patients of what is happening about their health; taking them through the steps taken and those to be taken to ensure that the patient is back to good health. Nurses are also burdened with the responsibility of making sound judgments for medical decisions on behalf of patients who are not in a position to conscious make such decisions. This is how nurses get to offer healthcare through education.

Why CNA schools?

What one should know or will discover once they join the CNA schools is that training will be especially in practical medical healthcare lesson will be an fundamental part. This being a very sensitive line of work means that some extensive training lessons will be take place and this will be covered with a time period of two years for those desiring to become a certified nurse assistant. Why CNA schools would be ideal would be for those with a less busy schedule and would like to cover the shorted time possible, which in most instances is less than a year of training.